What You See In This Picture Reveals Something Interesting About Your Personality


You can tell a lot about your personality just be looking at this picture and analyzing the first picture you see…

When you first look at this photo you will see one thing very clearly. This first image that you see will tell you a lot about your subconscious personality. Take a look at this photo and pay attention to the very first image your mind processes. This image is a mirror into your subconscious mind. While you will notice one image first you will see with further inspection that there are in fact two ways of looking at this picture. What does the way you look at this picture say about you?

Take a look at this image – what is the first thing you see?

If you saw a crocodile first…

You are incredibly cautious. You aren’t the type of person that takes a lot of chances in life. This is why you see the crocodile first, because your senses are so attuned to noticing danger at the first sight of trouble. Your ability to see the crocodile is just a basic example of your alert and vigilant nature. You like to avoid problems if you can and you’ve become adept at noticing problems before they get too big to handle. You may need to relax and your friends may describe you as wound up at times.

If you saw a boat first…

Seeing the boat means that you have incredible attention to detail. The little boat is less obvious and easy to see compared to the big crocodile. Your attention to detail often displays itself in your creativity. Your creative and active mind is always thinking up new things. You are likely very artistic or appreciate art. In addition to being creative you’re also probably an intellectual person. When you have a productive way to channel your creative mind you are able to accomplish great things.

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